Weight Loss/Management

Recommended Program:

SETTING CAPTIVES FREE! The Lord's Table A Biblical Approach to Weight Loss

The Lord's Table course is not just a diet, and it is probably unlike any other course or support group you may have encountered in the past.  The Lord's Table places a radical emphasis on satisfying our souls in Christ.  We also stress the need to repent of overeating and any other sinful eating habits.  Though losing weight is important if we are overweight, the emphasis is on consuming Christ  and developing  a biblical discipline in the area of eating.

Suggested reading:

**Setting Captives Free:  The Lord's Table (Mike Cleveland)

**Health According to Scriptures (Paul Nison)

*suggested reading beyond this point subject to change

Alkaline Herbal Medicine (Aqiyl Aniys)

The God-Awakening Diet (Aqyl Aniys)

(Not part of The Lord's table but informative)


Please note.  This program is offered as a suggestion. There is no obligation to participate in the program.  This is offered to those who wish to give this program a try. Wholystic Aim Therapies LLC does not sell suggested reading materials, nor meal plans.  Also be advised, your success, should you choose to participate, depends solely upon your desire to see results.

For this course only, donations please.  Portion of proceeds go to support  Applied Wisdom.